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March 2023
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In this awesome episode of Megahaulin, Dustin and Rick are joined by the amazing Derek Aldaryn Thompson who talks about the Requisition Beta, Commander Skirmish Meta Impact and more!

Also, it's time for the Name That Card Showdown between Rick and Derek. Listen In for all the fun!

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This week, Dustin and Rick talk to STAR REALMS and HERO REALMS Legend, Silent Al. Topics range far and wide as we really get to know Alex. If you like gushing about how awesome the Star Realms Community is, this is the podcast for you!

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This episode, Dustin and Rick respond to numerous mailbag inquiries. 

What would we do to improve Star Realms 2.0? 

Is it still right to scrap vipers first in 2022?

What cards would be Nerf?

All this and more answered in this episode!

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This week Dustin and Rick talk about QR Codes, Collectible Pins, Comic-Con and of course, Star Realms.

Time is short of the Rise of Empire Kickstarter. Don't miss out:

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This episode is dedicated to a deep dive on the forthcoming WWG product, Rise of Empires. Dustin and Rick are joined by none other than Wise Wizard Games CEO Rob Dougherty to talk about all the details.

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This episode, Dustin and Rick talk about a plethora of News, including an upcoming interview with WWG CEO Rob Dougherty! All this plus the latest updates in digital competivie play news. Enjoy!

Also, Who is Dr. Screecher?

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This week Dustin and Rick cover all the new scheduled updates for the Star Realms Digital App!

They also touch back in with the High Alert: Tech cards and revise opinions on these cards ahead of their inclusion in the new app changes. 

Tune in for this and much much more!

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It's 2022 and Rick and Dustin are back to talk about all things Star Realms. On this episode, deep discussion of the Universal Storage Box with detailed reviews of the bonus cards included in the box. We have a NEW LEGEND: Congrats Thestral!

A new Star Realms comic is on the scene!

The bounty on Corybear88 from last episode was CLAIMED.

News and updates from all the Competitive Star Realms Leagues and Tournaments

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This time Dustin and Rick get back together to celebrate a great dodgeball victory and determine if Jochum should be banned from competitive play. Rick puts a bounty on Corybear88!

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This is a very special episode of Megahaulin recorded LIVE with special guests from the Fan Community. We discuss a wide range of topics during this great event. 

You can view this in video form over on Twitch:

What a fun episode!

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Originally Released 5/29/2015

SPECIAL EPISODE!!! We welcome Top Online player, MazerRackham, to provide his insights on the Gambit Expansion. We get some special insights and card analysis regarding the promo cards. Great discussion and interview!

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This Episode, Dustin and Rick discuss the newly announced Star Reams set: RISE OF THE EMPIRE. We cover the entire announcement including:

  • Legacy Games, Are they worth it?
  • New Mechanics
  • Hypothetical Other Faction Acquisition Abilities!

Rick also gives us a detailed run down of a feature in the Star Realms Digital App: In App Tournaments.

We also give a great catchup to all the Online Competitive winners from Premier Circuit, BGG, Dodge Ball, Pan Galactic and MORE!

Check out our articles and information at

Send us email at


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Originally Released 8/17/2015

This week on Megahaulin, Dustin and Matt discuss the appearance of a Bases and Battleships icon in the digital app. Remy "AWEberman" Gibson gives us a rundown of the top BGG Players by ELO rating. Learn about the merits of Conceding as well as the MOST underated card under the current TYPE-S Meta. Join in!

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Originally Released 8/10/2015 

This week we talk about the results of the GenCon Tournament!

We also discuss Tournament and League winners as well as upcoming events.

STRATEGY: In strategy, we talk about how to manage your shuffle! It's an important topic and you can count on Megahaulin to do it up right!

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Originally Released 8/3/2015

This week Matt and Dustin interview Three Time Platinum Tier Champion FlyingArrow from the Board Game Geek League!

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This episode Dustin and Rick talk about the brand new Legend Series champion from Spiel 2020, new Star Realms High Alert Card Previews and a bunch of Halloween discussion!

Highlights include:

  • Rick's awesome comeback game on Stream
  • Two new SR High Alert cards: The Fusion Bot and Arsenal
  • Discussion of the Spiel 2020 Legends Series and it's new champion
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Originally Released 7/27/2015

This week, we discuss all things tournaments, we visit the MAIL BAG and discuss how to Hate Draft in Star Realms!

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Originally Released 7/19/2015

This week we cover news, tournaments and a BRAND NEW META BUILD! Tune in for this week's Megahaulin!

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This episode Dustin and Rick discuss new Star Realms Frontier Cards focusing on the double ally and newly dubbed "Markdown" Mechanic. All this and detailed coverage of the Online competitive Star Realms community! Listen in!

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Originally Released 7/6/2015

This week we talk News and welcome Community and Tournament leader Nathan Jochum (ozmethod) to the cast to discuss the future of online tournaments and more!

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Originally Released 7/1/2015

WOHOO! Megahaulin' is LEGAL. This week we talk news, tournaments and revisit core deck types including discussion of the expansion and promo cards! Join in!

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This week, Dustin and Rick discuss some newly leaked SR cards as well as the evolution of MEGAHAULIN.COM. We also learn the winners of our ARENA Scenario Contest. Winners taking home AUTOGRAPHED MEGAHAULERS. Did you win? Take a listen!

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Originally Released 6/22/2015

It's our 20th Show!! Big news on GenCon! We also discuss game phases in vanilla and Gambit/Promo decks. Join in!

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Originally released 6/15/2015

This week Dustin and Matt cover new Expansion sets for Star Realms. We also interview Top Ranked Digital Player Chris Shaner who reveals his strategies and secrets of victory. 

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Originally released 6/3/2015

This week we preview the forthcoming Digial App Update. Matt tells us how to deal with a losing streak!

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This episode, Dustin and Rick interview the most recently crowned winner of the Legend Series, Matt "Ominous" Dyal. We also discuss a new "Kickstarter Concept" to get much requested features into the Star Realms Digital App!

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This week its our preparatory coverage for the upcoming Frontiers Promos. These are in the beta and should be in the app soon. Beware, the Colossus Cometh!

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This week Dustin and Rick tackle a bunch of topics:

- New Feature Requests for the SR Digital App!

- Talking about the most influential articles in the history of the Megahaulin Strategy Blog 

- Reviewing the most recent online Star Realms Legends Tournament


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Originally Release 5/25/2015

This week Matt and Dustin discuss all the news and what's new in tournaments. We also cover how to prepare for Live Star Realms tournaments. 

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Originally Released on 5/18/2015

This week Matt and Dustin cover news, tournaments and various "Levels" of strategy play within Star Realms. It's a fun packed show so let's get started!

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Originally Released on 4/20/2015

This week we cover all News Star Realms. We welcome Matt Newburg as a permanent co-host. We also discuss Trade Row Managmeent in a Post Gambit Star Realms. All this and more in this week's MEGAHAULIN!

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Originally Released on 4/5/2015

Recorded a couple of weeks back, join Dustin and special guest co-host Matt "The Cutter" Newburg as they review the Digital Gambit Expansion including play techniques for the Crisis Expansion.

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This week Dustin and Rick talk about the Online Legends Series, Hunting Unicorns, Ways to look at your Star Realms progress, Star Realms Glossary Updates and the current state of Online competitive Star Realms. 

It's a packed episode, so what are you waiting for?

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Originally Released on 3/4/2015

This time on Megahaulin, Rob and Darwin of White Wizards Games talk about the GAMBIT EXPANSION as well as the future of Star Realms events and they discuss in a bit of depth their new TOP SECRET project! 

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Originally Released on 2/10/2015

This week we cover News. A Game of the Year Nomination for SR. We also go deep into the mailbag to discuss Top Decking Strategies as well as a deeper dive on costing your opponents trade loss. All this and more on this week's Megahaulin'!

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Originally Released on 2/1/2015

This week we are joined by Matt "The Cutter" Newburg to complete our CRISIS Review with the EVENTS Deck. We also discuss early game buying strategies. Tournament Talk and More on this week's MEGAHAULIN'

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Originally Released 1/26/2015

This week we are joined by Matt "The Cutter" Newburg to discuss Star Realms in the Humble Bundle (, Livestreaming from the creators of the game. We also continue our review of CRISIS, this week discussing Heroes. We get an update on the tournament scene. All this week on Megahaulin'

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Originally released 1/18/2015 

We welcome Matt "The Cutter" Newburg back to help us continue our our review of the CRISIS Expansion continues. Matt and Dustin debate Fleet HQ vs Brain World for Best Card in the game. Tournament and League updates abound!

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Originally released 1/11/2015

Special Guest Host Matt "The Cutter" Newberg join us. This week we review the Bases and Battleships deck as part of the our coverage of the new CRISIS Expansion! We also discuss Card advantage and the World Finals

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Originally Released 12/23/2014

This week we are joined by our very special guest Darwin Kastle! Darwin is the game designer responsible for Star Realms. Join us in a very special episode!

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Originally released 12/15/2014

This week we discuss THE GAMBIT EXPANSION as well as learn tips about how to play from behind. Additionally, we review THE RAM and have a special announcement for next week's show!

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Originally released 12/8/2014

This week we welcome tournament champion Ben Gartner to discuss new cards, some awesome origin Fiction for Star Realms. We also get into deep strategy relating to factions and discuss THE EXPLORER as our Card of the Week.

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This week Rick and Dustin cover a TON of news. New cards. New Events in the Digital App. News on the online competitive scene and MORE!

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Ep3 from 12/1/2014
This week we review the Stealth Needle as well as review the most recent card releases. We also start to give some basic discussion around codifying phases of the game as well as reviewing basic build types. 

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Ep 2 from 11/24/2014

This week, we welcome our guest MATT NEWBURG to the podcast. Our big news is a brand new card premier with discussion. Card Of The Week is Recycling Station. Join in!

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Ep 1 from 11/19/2014

Let's get this party started! Join Dustin and friends to discuss STAR REALMS. In this episode, Dustin kicks things off by talking about the show, THE CARD OF THE WEEK and takes Questions from the MAIL BAG. Join in!

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This week we pull a previously unreleased interview back from the historical tapes and present it for you. Derek "Aldaryn" Thompson is a long time member of the Star Realms online community and a guy with a lot of opinion that Rick assures me are correct. Listen in for some great insights from a top Star Realms Player!

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A brief note about the Megahaulin Classics project from your host, Dustin TheeMystic Clingman

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Megahaulin is back with a discussion around the newly announced Star Realms expansion: RISE OF EMPIRE. Rick and Dustin discuss a wide range of topics include Rick's HERO Realms Champion Card, MEGAHAULIN Classic Episodes and the current state of online competitive Star Realms!

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Dustin and Rick discuss the newly announced HIGH ALERT expansion for Star Realms as well as Legend Tournament Winners and great new blog posts on!

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This week Dustin and Rick review every single card of the brand new digital Star Realms expansion: FRONTIERS. Hear hot takes and discussions around new strategies based on this new expansion!

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Megahaulin is back after a long hiatus! This week Dustin is joined by a brand new co-host in Rick "Darklighter" DeMille. Discussion focuses on Origins, a new mechanic and expansion for Star Realms and online competitive leagues. 

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This episode is dedicated to an exclusive interview with Ola "Dommola" Mæhle who recently became the first player to reach level 100 in the digital Star Realms Game. We cover his accomplishment, but also his broader gaming background and his key tips for new players. 

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This week Dustin is joined by none other than MarauderMo from the Star Realms Community. Topics range wide and far in this fun interview!

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Recorded prior to Christmas

This week Dustin and Matt reveal our end of the year contest winners. Also detailed coverage on the Star Realms SCENARIOS set. They also take a deep dive into the newly released (to digital) UNITED COMMAND set.

Happy Holidays and thanks to all of our listeners in 2017! This was an incredible year and here's to a great 2018!

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We are back from the White Wizard Game Fair 2017! We've got an amazing lineup of interviews including the new STAR REALMS LEGEND Adam Charbonneau  (IGN: Anvroser). PLUS additional interviews with:

Rick "Darklighter" Demille

Brendan "Carnie" Lapsley
Amanda "BBYGURL" Storm
Alex "SilentAl" Sarkissian
We also have a contest this episode! Send in your favorite Star Realms memories of 2017 as well as your New Year's Resolution. Matt and Dustin will review the entries and select THREE winners. There will be prizes! Deadline is 12/15/17, so get that entry in NOW!
Sound FX used in this episode:
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This week The Cutter is on vacation and in his stead we have SPECIAL GUEST CO-HOS Sam "BaX" Hall. Sam talks to us about his Twitch Streams, How he got interested in Star Realms and More!

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We've got a brand new intro! Dustin and Matt discuss the the White Wizard Game Fair, update on NEWS FROM THE COLOINES and then dig deep into COSMIC GAMBITS!

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