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Originally released 1/11/2015

Special Guest Host Matt "The Cutter" Newberg join us. This week we review the Bases and Battleships deck as part of the our coverage of the new CRISIS Expansion! We also discuss Card advantage and the World Finals

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Originally released 1/18/2015 

We welcome Matt "The Cutter" Newburg back to help us continue our our review of the CRISIS Expansion continues. Matt and Dustin debate Fleet HQ vs Brain World for Best Card in the game. Tournament and League updates abound!

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Originally Released 1/26/2015

This week we are joined by Matt "The Cutter" Newburg to discuss Star Realms in the Humble Bundle (, Livestreaming from the creators of the game. We also continue our review of CRISIS, this week discussing Heroes. We get an update on the tournament scene. All this week on Megahaulin'

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This week Rick and Dustin cover a TON of news. New cards. New Events in the Digital App. News on the online competitive scene and MORE!

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Originally Released 12/23/2014

This week we are joined by our very special guest Darwin Kastle! Darwin is the game designer responsible for Star Realms. Join us in a very special episode!

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Originally released 12/15/2014

This week we discuss THE GAMBIT EXPANSION as well as learn tips about how to play from behind. Additionally, we review THE RAM and have a special announcement for next week's show!

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Originally released 12/8/2014

This week we welcome tournament champion Ben Gartner to discuss new cards, some awesome origin Fiction for Star Realms. We also get into deep strategy relating to factions and discuss THE EXPLORER as our Card of the Week.

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This week we pull a previously unreleased interview back from the historical tapes and present it for you. Derek "Aldaryn" Thompson is a long time member of the Star Realms online community and a guy with a lot of opinion that Rick assures me are correct. Listen in for some great insights from a top Star Realms Player!

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Ep3 from 12/1/2014
This week we review the Stealth Needle as well as review the most recent card releases. We also start to give some basic discussion around codifying phases of the game as well as reviewing basic build types. 

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Ep 2 from 11/24/2014

This week, we welcome our guest MATT NEWBURG to the podcast. Our big news is a brand new card premier with discussion. Card Of The Week is Recycling Station. Join in!

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Ep 1 from 11/19/2014

Let's get this party started! Join Dustin and friends to discuss STAR REALMS. In this episode, Dustin kicks things off by talking about the show, THE CARD OF THE WEEK and takes Questions from the MAIL BAG. Join in!

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A brief note about the Megahaulin Classics project from your host, Dustin TheeMystic Clingman

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Megahaulin is back with a discussion around the newly announced Star Realms expansion: RISE OF EMPIRE. Rick and Dustin discuss a wide range of topics include Rick's HERO Realms Champion Card, MEGAHAULIN Classic Episodes and the current state of online competitive Star Realms!

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